10 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Rosemary Beach Getaway

10 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Rosemary Beach Getaway

We want you to know that we are in no way being compensated for this post. All opinions and experiences are our own. We absolutely love Rosemary Beach and go every single year. We only share about places and things that we are truly passionate about.

You know those places that just feel surreal? Like dreamy, small town charm? Rosemary Beach, Florida is just that. It is the perfect escape for a couple or a family. We make sure to go every year with Michael’s family. There are about 16 of us who go and 8 of those are kids, well 9 kids if you count the crazy uncle ๐Ÿ˜‰ Besides exploring the gorgeous white sand beaches, we are going to give you 10 ways to make the most of your trip. The great news is that Rosemary is for anyone. Young or old- there is something for you!

1) Bikes Rentals- By far this is a game changer for our family. Right after dropping our luggage off at the house we go straight to Peddlersย and pick out cruiser bikes. Because our kiddos are still little we typically get the cart to pull behind one bike and this year we will add a toddler seat for the back of the other bike. Toting 3 kids around is seriously no joke! The bikes come in handy for quick trips to beach, jetting around town and even as a tool to distract and attempt to avoid the temperamental melt down that is bound to happen when vacationing with 3 kids under 4 ๐Ÿ™‚

A glimpse of the Sugar Shak

2) Sugar Shak- My kids would probably all vote this place as their all time favorite. Kid in a candy store?! Um…. like for reals. There is candy EVERYWHERE. Oh and it’s all within a hands reach. You know how many half bitten peices of candy we’ve bought??? You can get candy that you can’t find anywhere else at the Sugar Shak. There the all time classics and then the ones you’ve never heard of. So fun! Oh and ice cream. Bluebell ice cream in fact! So yeah, you can find the Stewart kids, okay and mom and dad, at the Sugar Shak at least once a day. Sometimes twice if we are honest.

3) Restaurants- The food at Rosemary is wonderful. There are so many choices so I just chose a few to highlight. Our personal favorite is George’s. Technically it’s in Alys beach which is a short bike ride over but the food is awesome and the atmosphere is ideal. The Pearl Hotel has a restaurant The Havana Beach Bar & Grill which has a great menu and wonderful patio. Wild Olives is the traditional lunch restaurant for our family. On the day of everyone’s arrival we all meet up at Wild Olives. It is located right next door to a toy shop. Mamas do you see where I’m going…. we make sure to sit outside and enjoy eating and catching up while all the cousins play with all the toys displayed. It really works in everyone’s favor. That is until its time to leave. Someone inevitably gets sad that they can’t take home the swords or the water balloons but since they are surround with so many cousins they typically get over pretty quick and get back to giggling and playing together. There are other delicious restaurants like Edwards, La Crema Tapas and Restaurant Paradis but these are are more for a date night. All of these and more are definitely worth checking out!

4) Rosemary House Rentals- Y’all, this is the SHIZ-NIZ. You want customer service, you’ve got it. Sure you can through AirBnb or VRBO to book your place but going through Rosemary’s booking service is the way to go. With your rental comes endless possiblities. The concierge team will take your experience to the next level. If you rent through their website your stay includes complimentary adult bikes, DVD rentals, tennis and fitness club access. On top of that you can arrange grocery delivery (like seriously, send them your list and your groceries are at your door), babysitting, reservations for baby accessories such as high chairs, cribs, and so much more. Utilizing this service will make your visit to Rosemary unforgettable, easy and convienent. And lets be honest, when traveling with kids, we will take any service to make it a bit easier. Can I get an amen?!

5) Town Square Chapel at the Beach- Church while on vacation? Um..yes! How fun to explore different church environments and expose your family to a new way of worship, especially while on vacation. This church is a non-denominational/evangelical church that meets in the Rosemary Town Hall. We didn’t know about until last year and of course, missed the service. But we did stand outside the doors and listen to the closing worship! This year we have already made it a priority to be there on time so we can experience the whole thing. We will come back with an update of how it goes after our trip.

6) Hidden gems- Up for an adventure? As many of you know, some mornings your kids are up ready for the day early. Here you are thinking crap, its 7am and we’ve already knocked out all of my play ideas for the day! Well if you hop on your bike and toodle around Rosemary you can stumble upon hidden playgrounds and even a splash pad. There are so many little places to come upon if you’re just open to explore the uncharted path for a bit. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

7) Farmers Market Sunday- Fresh jams, local cheeses, fruit, and pretty much anything you can think of- this farmers market has it. We got the best peach cobbler from a vendor last year. So, so good! If you like to ‘eat like the locals’ this is the place to find the favorites. They set up on the lawn so you can shop while the kids run around. It really is win-win. Don’t pass this up!

Exploring The Hidden Lantern

8) Shopping favorites- Anyone else use vacation as a time to shop until you drop? This girl here enjoys some good shopping and Rosemary does not disappoint! Some of our favorites are: Gigi’s,The Hidden Lantern, The Bamboo Bicycle Company, Hissyfits boutique, and too many more to list. Gigi’s is a kids toy and clothing boutique. If you like the Kickee brand then this store will inevitably empty your wallet ๐Ÿ™‚ They have a great selection! And the toys are great too! If we need some quiet time during the day we will escape to The Hidden Lantern. This little book store has a great selection of children’s books. There is also plenty for adults as well! It is connected to a local art gallery which is kind of fun to peruse. We have a fun little tradition where each year the kids get to pick a new book from the store. We label it Rosemary 2017 or whatever year it is. It’s been fun to see what their interest draw them towards each year. The Bamboo Bicycle company has great shopping for kids to adults. Clothes, beach equipment, watches, etc. They pretty much have it all. I could go on and on about our favorite shopping spots but then you’d have nothing left to the imagination!

9) Exercise- The beach is awesome. White sand, chair and umbrella rentals, super clear water…pretty much anything you’d want in a beach. Walking the beach is a workout in and of itself, if you’re as out of shape as me! If though you need a little more diversity there is access to plenty of activities to keep you moving. You can go to the fitness center, swimming pools (4 different ones!), and you have access to the racquet club. Guess there’s no excuse not to exercise while on vacation, right?!

10) Disconnect-ย The last way to make the most of your getaway to Rosemary is unrelated to the list but honestly the most important in my opinion. Disconnect. I won’t go on a tangent about being glued to your technology, after all my husband does do IT for living. But really, just disconnect for your time away. Enjoy the family. Notice your kids smiles. Build a sand castle. Go on an unplanned bike ride. Stumble upon the beauty of discovery together without the glow of the phone and the urgency to post to social media. Take MENTAL pictures and remind yourself to never forget these moment. You never know how much fun you can have when your completely presented with the ones you love the most.

Thanks for reading and we hope to bump into you at Rosemary! Until then, we will leave you dreaming of relaxing here ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡


Thanks for taking a ‘snippet’ from our world!






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