The Best Shoe For The Closed Toe Shoe Rule

The Best Shoe For The Closed Toe Shoe Rule

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It’s that time of year! School supply lists are sitting out at the stores and mamas are frantically making their kiddos try on clothes to see what still fits and what they need to shop for. I’m sure you’ll review the school dress code to make sure you spend your money the right way. You may even come across the closed toe shoe rule in your dress code. Bummer. Flip flops and sandals are so convenient! But I get it, closed toe shoes are just safer for your child’s foot. Safety first, right? Here in Texas its warm/hot basically 9 months out of the year. We wear a lot of open toe shoes around here! Only 2 of my 3 are in school (preschool) right now and they are at the age where they want to pick out every aspect of their outfit. Cool, right? Yeah, unless you’re OCD like me 🤣 I’ve learned to embrace my kids expression of themselves though (well, mostly!)

So lets talk closed toe shoes… there’s a certain shoe out there (may or may not rhyme with rocks 🙃) that I swore my kids would never, ever wear. Well thanks to some hand me down they each have a pair. I am a terrible person and won’t let them wear them anywhere outside of the house, except to Wal-Mart, well because… it’s WAL-MART. Need I say more?! Anyways, I was in Nordstroms one day and there was a whole display of Natives. The kids instantly thought they were the coolest shoes. I had an inner battle that went something like so, “well they techinically aren’t (insert shoe that rhymes with rocks). These look cooler. Oh and their washable?? AND closed toe. Did the lady just say sale. Okay, done deal. I’ll take two.” My mind was made up. These were going to be their summer go to shoes. I let the kids pick any color, because its summer and I tend to be way lax on the whole matching clothes thing when its 105 outside. 😂 Tripp picked bright yellow. He wears those suckers everywhere with everything. Nixon picked green glow in the dark.

So here’s the run down on why Natives will be our go to shoes every spring and summer:

  • Washable! No more saying, “Hey, go change shoes first!” One wash and they look brand new
  • Closed Toe! Perfect for school and still looks good!
  • Breathable. One of my kids gets pretty stinky feet, but not when wearing Natives
  • So soft! Still plastic but not the sweaty, sticky kind.
  • The kids can put their shoes on by themselves. WIN!
  • They hold up really, really well.
  • Gender neutral (well if you pick GN colors) – meaning my daughter can wear them when it’s her turn. I’m all for hand me downs ☺️
  • Affordable!

If you’re in the market for quality, closed toe shoes for school then I promise you’ll be thrilled with your Natives purchase! Check them out here!

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