Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge

First let me start out by saying I am in no way being compensated for this post. All of my opinions are based on our actual experience (back before blogging!)

Do you remember when you were a kid on vacation and you got to stay in a hotel? Were you always in awe and thinking how cool it was? Kids love hotels! It’s got to be the never ending halls to sprint down or the side by side beds to jump on while pretending hot lava flows below. Either way hotels and kids equals pure enjoyment! We are proud to say that Great Wolf Lodge is a great place for everyone in the family to have fun!

A while back we needed a getaway. We couldn’t decide, should we go or should we stay? Tripp was only 3 or 4 months old at the time and the vacation fund wasn’t exactly overflowing, so we decided to do an old school staycation. Great Wolf Lodge was having a good sale at the time so we booked a 2 night stay. Our oldest was only {almost} 2 at the time. We ended up having an absolute blast! Great Wolf Lodge knew what they were doing when they designed their hotel experience. Check in was a breeze. We got there sometime after 1 and our room was ready. After asking for an upgrade (never hurts to ask!) we got moved to a suite with a giant tub in the main part of the room. I honestly think that was Nixon’s favorite part. Who wouldn’t want to sit in a ginormous bubble bath with a drink and Mickey Mouse on TV?! After checking in and convincing our toddler that there’s more to see than the giant tub, we walked the hotel. Wow! So much to do. So much to see.

Here is a list of things you should do when you stay at Great Wolf on your next vacation:

First, the obvious, the water park! This water park is such a good size. Anyone else get overwhelmed at huge water parks?? So many people, so much water, so much potential for something to go really wrong especially with 3 kids and 2 arms. Great Wolf Lodge is perfect though. Not too big and not too small. It is kept at 84 degrees so you feel warm enough to swim. There were several adult/big kid water slides and equally enough toddler/small kid friendly slides. There is also a giant kid area, Fort Mackenzie, with water guns, a water dumping bucket, the Totem Towers which are slides for littles, and lots of climbing all while staying wet. This was so fun to do with our oldest. We also spent some time at the Whooping Hollow, Big Foot Pass and the Cub Paw Pool. These all proved to be great if you have littles. Y’all this water park is perfect for any family. There is truly something for everyone. This mama even disappeared and snuck away to North Hot Springs- a wonderful adult only hot tub. It wasn’t long though and I was back catching waves in the wave pool with the kids! (Why is it that sometimes we can’t wait to get away but when we do we are so ready to be back with our babes?!) Anyways, when the kids would get tired we would grab a tube, lay them on our chest and float the lazy river to unwind before rest time. See, something for everyone! I have to say, we went during off season so the outdoor part of the water park was closed. It looked equally as fun though! We will go back so we can update you all on all the fun there is to have outside of the indoor part of the water park. Oh and can I share a huge bonus to Great Wolf Lodge??! There is no need to lug a bazillion things to the water park. They have you covered with towels and life jackets. But if you’re crazy like me, they also allow guest to bring their own puddle jumper (Affliate Link) or whatever life jacket you prefer 🙂

Story time in jammies is a must. The kids loved this. It was a great way to start the settling in routine. We let Nixon take a bath in the upgraded tub with enough bubbles to cover him head to toe, put him in his pj’s and headed to the clock tower for the characters to put on a little show and read a bed time story. This was a small event but very memorable.

There was so much to do but our kiddos just weren’t old enough to enjoy it all. I love that about Great Wolf Lodge though, it can grow with your family, so it doesn’t get old to return! We obviously spent most of our (short) time there at the water park but below are more things to keep you and your family exploring fun!

There is an arcade that has games for the littlest to the biggest kid. Nixon rode the mini carousel over and over. M and I had a friendly competition of skee ball. And then Michael marveled in racing sports cars. The arcade was awesome! Across the way is a little kids area. This room was stocked with family games, coloring sheets, crayons and toddler toys. There were also staff members in there to help with crafts. And for those with little girls, there is a precious spa called Scooops. (Yes, there is supposed to be 3 o’s 😜) You can get mommy and me mani/pedi’s or a whole ice cream themed pampering session! (Mamas- if you just need an escape SOLO then you should check out Elements Spa Salon!)

Howlers Peak Ropes Course also looked awesome! It is basically a ropes course on steroids. It is also divided so if you have a smaller kid (under 48 inches) you have your own course closer to the ground. Then, there is the big one with more than just ropes, there are obstacles and bridge crossings, etc. all while way up in the air! 😬 There is an additional fee but it seems well worth the price if being attached to a harness in the sky is your idea of fun. 😜 Oh and if you plan to do this you must remember closed toed shoes…

Y’all the list is endless! There is MagiQuest, ShadowQuest and Compass Quest- which are all games you can purchase and go around the hotel accomplishing quests to get to the next level. This is a great way to keep kiddos busy! You can’t forget to explore the Holly Wood XD Theater where you can have a 4D experience or if you have some kids who need to get some extra energy out definitely try out Lazer Frenzy. Guys, I think you could stay here days on end and not get bored! Of course, since our kids were pretty young at the time we did not get to take part in a lot of these activites but that just means we will have to go back!

Let’s talk food. Just like any resort, it is pretty expensive to eat on the property. However something that I loved about Great Wolf Lodge is that there is free parking. Most resorts are valet only and it gets pricey fast, however, since Great Wolf Lodge was kind enough to make it free. We chose to eat breakfast at The Loose Moose Cottage. It was nice to just get up, get ready and head down to eat then enjoy the waterpark. For lunches we chose to eat easy in the room and then for dinner we decided to leave and explore downtown Grapevine for dinner. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from and we hope to try out some of the others like, Lodge Wood Fired Grill or Grizzly Jack’s Bar and Grill.

Overall, we give Great Wolf Lodge a 10 for a friendly family getaway spot. Nixon loved the indoor waterpark. Michael loved the slides. I loved it because I didn’t have to slather my toddler in sunscreen then try to find shade with my infant and being inside, but still warm enough to feel outside was awesome!

Have you even been to Great Wolf Lodge? What was your favorite part??


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