5 Reasons You’ll Flip Over The Little Gym

5 Reasons You’ll Flip Over The Little Gym

Have you ever been in a house with two toddlers all day long? Does their unlimited energy leave you exhausted and maybe even a little jealous? I just wish I could run non stop like my littles. Imagine how clean the house would be, the errands that would be done, the to-do list would be completely crossed off… unfortunately this mama can’t go full speed every minute of the day. As much as I would love that energy, it is quite exhausting to try to tame and utilize every ounce of it in my kiddos!

My middle child is especially like his daddy. Meaning he doesn’t stop. Like ever. Even in his sleep he is moving constantly. In fact, we spent about 5 hours at the zoo today and he walked, no, he ran the entire time. It truly is amazing! Last year, I needed to find a way to help him tire out in a way that would still help him develop his physical, mental, emotional and social skills. I remembered back to several years ago when I nannied. The family had their little one enrolled in The Little Gym and I had privilege of taking her to some classes. It was so fun! So off to google I went to see if there were any Little Gym’s around us. Sure enough, 20 minutes away The Little Gym opened a new location!

We went to our first class and loved it. We became regulars, attending class, practice times and extra events such as Lego building day! It became such a normal part of our routine that there was a noticeable difference in my son’s behavior on the days we would miss class. It was like he NEEDED that time to run and explore in a structured, friendly environment.

I know, you’re begging me to just get to the 5 points. Right?! Okay, okay…

1) Customer Service
Let me start by saying that we commonly refer to ourselves as ‘customer service snobs.’ Sounds terrible but theres a couple of reasons for this. When you have 3 kids barely under the age of 4 you will take ANY extra help offered. Got the door? Awesome. Check me in? Great. Help me when it’s clear that things are a bit crazy? I’m sold! I can’t think of a single time I have ever opened the door myself at The Little Gym. They are always on it. This may seem small but mamas, you know wrangling 3 kids through a busy parking lot can seem like that event where they all try to out run the bulls at times! In fact, want to know what completely won my heart? One day it was pouring down raining. Raining cats and dogs as some would say. Luckily the way my car is set up it has two in the far back and baby in a bucket seat in the middle. Leaving a chair up and an empty area I can easily fit into. Well I climbed through the console area and was getting everyone ready to make the dash. I started to open the door and a Little Gym teacher was right there, rain boots and umbrella ready to take whoever I would hand her. I remember texting my husband that afternoon telling him about how their customer service was so on point! Another thing The Little Gym thought through is siblings… when one of my kids is in class that leaves me with the others. Well they have a sibling area with legos to keep brother and sisters hands busy while the other kiddo is in class. Way to think through it all Little Gym! Simply the best!

2) More than just play
When I first mentioned The Little Gym to my husband I was afraid he would have the typical guy response, “um, can’t you just do that stuff at home for free?” But he didn’t. He just trusted. He started seeing the skills the kids were bringing home and knew it was good call. Not just the gym skills such as forward rolls and balancing on things. But he saw a confidence boost in the boys, their listening skills become a bit more fine tuned and the kids started talking about being a good citizen! Let me tell you, they don’t go to The Little Gym and run around like wild banchees. They are there to learn. It is structured and centered on an age appropriate curriculum. Each week a new sign language skill is introduced and used throughout the class. They work on problem solving by completing obstacle courses, working on fine and gross motor skills and they learn to work both individually as well as with other class members. This has been especially great for one of my more introverted boys. We also have POPS each week, a skill to practice throughout the week at home and they are so eager to get home and get moving! The Little Gym truly has something for kids of all ages. It starts with classes for 4 month olds and goes all the way to classes such as dance, karate and sports for 12 year olds!

3) Qualified teachers
There has not been one single teacher at The Little Gym that has not exceeded any and all expectations for their role as my kiddos teacher/leader/role model. I constantly notice the teachers reading the room and ensuring that all children are involved and getting the one on one time while working on skills. They are so good at gently restoring the inevitable rowdiness that happens anytime there is a bunch of kiddos in one space 😉 I can also tell that the teachers haven’t just read a curriculum sheet. They are trained in it and know all the ins and out. Mucsle names, developmental ages and stages, classroom management and so much more. I think I find a reason to love them each time we are there! Oh and I don’t know how they do it but they know every.single.child’s.name. Must be some kind of skill because I have no idea how they nail it each time but they do!

4) Building relationships with other moms
This has been more needed than I realized. I have found some great friends through The Little Gym! I have found myself talking with another mom, because a) we are moms b) our kids are obviously close in age hence the same class time so we can really relate and c) well what else do you do in a room full of {mostly} women!? Next thing you know we are doing play dates and meeting at the closest Chick-Fil-A for lunch! I have really enjoyed this aspect of The Little Gym and it was honestly the last thing on my mind when we signed up. Who knew I would be in for a treat too?! Also, they have recently launched a class called Bugs Boost. It is in addtion to the Bug class which is for babies 4-10 mo. I got to preview this class and LOVED it! It is a time for other moms to fit in a lite workout along with conversation time. That first year of a baby’s life can be tough and we all need a community of other moms to be surrounded with. The babies got to join us in our little workout, and they too worked on their fine motor skills by watching and tracking bubbles and using their little fingers to pop them. I really enjoyed this class and look forward to going to more!

5) Affordability
I will admit… at first I thought it was way too pricey! I really did! We debated for maybe 2 full months before committing. However, once we pulled the trigger I realized just how much we were getting for the price. With your membership you get access to all the practice classes (normally 1 or 2 a week), extra fun activities such as Let’s Build, Let’s Play (Lego building event), parents survival night, Kindermusik, and so much more. I’m sure I’m leaving something out! Some of these have an additional fee but some are also included. There have been times where we have been at The Little Gym 3 or 4 times a week! I try really hard to get us out at least once a day. It just seems to be the best thing for us. Finding The Little Gym has kept me from searching for things to do and instead is our weekly, sometimes daily outing.

So there you have it. 5 reasons to flip over the awesomeness of The Little Gym. Lucky for you, The Little Gym is located everywhere. They are even international! Go ahead and give them a call! They are the best at letting you come in and try out a class of interest.

Have you ever been enrolled in a Little Gym class? What was your favorite aspect of The Little Gym?

Thanks for taking a ‘snippet’ from our world!

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