5 easy ways to bring fall into your home

5 easy ways to bring fall into your home

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Ah…fall! In most states I am sure that means the turn of the weather, tree’s leaves transitioning colors, and pumpkins out on everyone’s porch. Well in Texas none of that is true except the pumpkin part. 😊 September is still pretty warm, in fact, its 86 outside right now and we were actually at the pool yesterday. But the warm weather doesn’t stop the fall spirit! People still decorate their porches and hang harvest wreaths. With how cute the porches are around here, I wonder how much cuter inside their homes are! I’m no Joanna Gaines but here are 5 simple ways I bring fall into our home.

1) Fall Candles
Major hubs points here. Unbeknownst to me, the first day of fall was last week. My husband walked in the door with a bag of fall candles. Isn’t he awesome?! Ever since lighting those bad boys I have been in the fall spirit! Did you know the sense of smell in incredibly powerful? In fact, I read a study once (though I can’t recall where) that asked college kids what they remembered most from their home. Know what it was? The way it smelled. You can read all about that here! Anyways, there is nothing like walking into the smell of fall. What does that smell like? It smells like this, this and this.

2) Fall Stove Potpourri
Okay, I know this is similar to #1 but this is kind of a nostalgic thing for me. My dad and mom divorced when I was 7 but something they both continued to do in their homes at fall was to create a stove top potpourri. This really can be a mixture of anything! Right now I have an orange peel and cinnamon lightly boiling. The house smells just like childhood! Though candles do the same, this tends to be a safer alternative in my house. The kids know the stove is off limits but it never fails, every time I have a candle going they are always trying to scale whatever chair or counter to get to it to blow it out. Calm down kid, it’s not your birthday… anyways, try it out! I’m sure you can get loads of mixture ideas on Pinterest.

3) White Pumpkins

Most people love all the fall colors. I tend to be boring. In fact, the oranges, reds and yellows of fall kind of makes me feel like I’m in the fall section of Hobby Lobby! Not bad, just overwhelming. My husband begs for more color in our house 😂 but I just can’t do it. Hence the white pumpkins. Now, I know what you’re thinking…I’m not that mean of a mom. I don’t deprive my kids of ‘real’ pumpkins. We do get big, orange pumpkins, okay? 😜 But for decor, my heart goes for the white pumpkins. They are so simple, clean and just pretty! Oh and there is no going overboard here. Ever heard the phrase, everything HAS a place and everything IN it’s place? That is kind of how I go about decorating. No sense in it looking like fall, or even christmas for that matter, threw up in my house! That’s just me though, told you I am boring! 😊

4) Throw Blankets
Nothing says fall to me like cozy throw blankets. Fluffy, warm, soft to the touch. Don’t get me wrong, we have our pretty, not so comfortable to use herringbone blanket but nothing, just nothing says sit down and snuggle like easily accessible throw blankets! And isn’t that what you do during these (supposedly) cold months? We like to keep our throw blankets in plain sight on hooks by the fireplace. Another thing I make sure to do is wash them frequently with lots of fabric softener. That way anytime someone wants to use one they feel like it just came from the laundry room. Clean, fresh, cozy. Can’t beat that! Some of my favorite throw blankets have been found at Homegoods. You can also find some here and here.

5) Bowl of Candy Corn
This is a must have in our house at fall. It’s what officially kicks off the season, well besides the candles! Does anyone else fight over the pumpkin one? Everyone in my house, except myself wants the pumpkin. Sometimes we mix it with peanuts for the perfect sweet to salty balance. Other times we just splurge in the sweetness!

There you have it. Nothing fancy or flashy but just enough to make your home put off the perfect touch of fall. What are some of your ways to bring fall into your home? 👇 Leave your comment below 👇

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