A.R.O.M.A. What Will Your Children Remember?

A.R.O.M.A. What Will Your Children Remember?

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Aroma is defined as a distinct, appealing smell…

I heard about a study a few years ago. College kids were asked what their memory of home was. What did they miss? What did they remember? Can you guess their response? It was the way it smelled. Think about your childhood. Do you remember the paint color? The decor style? Or do you remember the smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies? How about mom’s famous homemade spaghetti? When you hug someone or walk into their house it just smells like them. Not sure how to explain it but it just does. You follow me?

I’ve always heard how our sense of smell is a strong trigger point for our brain. I don’t have any ‘proof’ or reference to studies but it makes sense to me that a simple smell will take you back to a memory.

After hearing about this study, I read an acronym for the word AROMA. After all, isn’t that what the study shows our children will remember?  I want to share that short acronym with you because I think it can drastically change our home environment.

A- affection:
There is so much to be said about all of these but showing affection to our children is so, so important! Moms AND dads, our children want our hugs, kisses, back rubs, hand holding. They may tell us they don’t but thats just a cover. When we take the time to be intentional about showing our kiddos affection we are building their self-esteem. We are instilling in them that they are worthy of love. They are learning the value of security and confidence. We are modeling healthy love. Let’s not leave it to society to teach them what appropriate affection looks like. When I was a teenager my dad would hold my hand in the store or while running errands. What a day to remember! Sometimes we would get strange looks but it was worth it. Through that he taught me that it is okay to be shown off (in a healthy way). Now, when my husband grabs my hand in public I feel like his prized possession.

R- respect:
Let’s teach our children that all are created equal in God’s eye and every person deserves to be treated with respect. After all, we are God’s creation. He adores us! Has anyone ever disrespected someone you care about? I’m sure you got on the defense for them! Same for God. He loves us so passionately that it breaks his heart to see others disrespected. When our kiddos get a bit sassy we frequently respond with, “We love you too much to let you be disrespectful.” Let’s be examples of respect. Respect is modeled in so many ways. Our tone, our body language, the way we treat others at home and in public, how we speak about others and so on. Let’s remember that our kids are watching. We can tell them all day to be respectful but it is when it’s modeled in AND outside of the home, well that is when they are taking notice. Actions always speak louder than words.

O- order:
When we create rules and boundaries for our children we are creating a sense of security in their lives. They eventually realize that these are in place because we love them. And man, do we love our kiddos! I remember my dad telling me as a teenager, “it’s not you I don’t trust, it’s the other people out there.” Hence the early curfew! It is easy to fall into parenting from guilt and let the rules slide. However, that is the worst thing we can do for our kiddos. I’m preaching to myself here 😊😳 Our kids are born to naturally trust us to protect them. That is probably why a newborn stops crying when put skin to skin with mom or dad. Or when hurt, our kids cry out for mommy or daddy. We are a comfort to their little soul. They sense that we are here to protect them. Let’s also think super practically here. The reality of life is that there will always be rules and boundaries for us to abide by. Whether its the speed limit, the fact that you have to pay taxes, the reality that you have to work, or whatever it might be, just know that if we aren’t teaching our kiddos to obey and submit in our own house, there is no way they will ever do so outside of the home.

M- merriment:
I love this one! Laugh together! Let’s not forget to have fun as family. There is nothing like pre bedtime dance parties, Saturday morning jump on mom and dad’s bed all together, or down right wrestle/tickle mania! Let’s agree to not get so caught up in busyness or all things tech and forget to laugh together. Create a moment to remember! It truly is medicine to the soul. If your kids are older have a game night. Banagrams, Apples to Apples and Things are all fun games to play! Fun games to play with your younger kiddos could be Pie Face or Wet Head. Those that know me well are probably laughing right now because anytime family is together I always want to play a game of some sort. I can’t help it. 😂

A- affirmation:
It is so important for us to be our children’s cheerleader. No one else will be cheering them on quite like we do! Have you ever noticed before your kiddo does something they deem as cool they scan the room looking for you? They are seeking our positive affirmation. My boys always get a thumbs up and a wink when they glance across the room, the gym or the field. They know mom and dad are watching and want them to do their very best. We believe in them, just like you believe in your kiddo. So go on and cheer them on! Speak words of affirmation over their life, their talent, their character. Encourage success in their life, in the little and the big things!

I can’t take credit for this acronym and I wish I could refer it back to whomever/wherever I got it from. But it has been years. And it is that good that it has been at the front of my mind for years. I hope it sticks with you as you read this today!

Want to know something about me? I cannot stand stuff hanging on the fridge. It just seems so cluttered. But I quickly wrote it down as I read the study and it went right on the fridge. It has been there through a move and all. I often glance at it for a quick evaluation on how our home is measuring up!


Thanks for taking a ‘snippet’ from our world!


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