3 ways to ease the stress of the holidays

3 ways to ease the stress of the holidays

We started decorating for the holidays today. No, we did not pull out the red and green or the reindeer. We did however start working on our white, elegant formal tree. {The kids have put up their super colorful and fun tree already though!} We are going to be out of town quite a bit this year and we didn’t want to put all of the stuff up only to look at it for 1 or 2 weeks…so, no we don’t do this every year! Thanksgiving has it’s place too!

Anyways, something about pulling down all those decorations- you can just sense stress. Maybe its the OCD in me, needing to place everything beautifully (eh- I really have let go of that by now. For me its impossible to have a pretty/clean house AND kids. I choose kids any day!) It’s not just the decorations though. It’s the schedule. All the family you have to go see and all the events you have to participate in. Now I know we really don’t have to do this stuff and we honestly bow out of quite a few activities. However, we still want do a lot these things, especially hang with our family!

So here are 3 ways we combat the ‘holiday crazies’. Putting these 3 things into action changes our perspective and reduces any anxiety anyone may be feeling. Check them out: 👇


Over-communicate everything
All of that to say- one way we conquer the holiday stress is to OVER-COMMUNICATE everything. And I mean everything. Before we go to an event we discuss expectations. Not just between us but we talk to the kids. Nothing worse than walking into a place and you or your kids were expecting something totally different. This is a great learning opportunity for our whole family on being flexible. But sometimes a kid just wants to play and if they expect that but walk into something formal you risk the beloved tantrum. Oh that hasn’t happened to you? Congratulations. 😜 We also make it a point to communicate our mood and anything that may be stressing us out about upcoming events. Sometimes you just don’t feel like it! That’s where our awesome team, aka family comes together to help each other feel it. We throw on a silly song or bust out a dance party then head off to whatever we were dreading. Just takes a little mood adjustment and sometimes a prayer!

(This is our sweet girl’s first time to see a Christmas tree. She was mesmerized! If she could communicate she would say mom I just want to stay right here all. day. long. Okay?!)

Stellas first christmas tree


Have you heard the phrase “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”? Don’t get me wrong-there is something to be said about going with the flow and spontaneity. We enjoy ‘being crazy’ (thats what my kids refer to doing something spontaneous 😂) However, when it comes to the busiest part of the year, planning is especially helpful. So if we have events back to back, I make sure to pack healthy snacks, well and some not so healthy snacks if I am being honest! Plenty of waters, a change of clothes because you never know who and when a spill or accident may take place. Nothing eases stress than when something inevitably goes wrong and you’re prepared. Like the year we waited in line for HOURS to see our favorite Santa and Michael pointed out to me that both the kids shoes were too small. Yeah…way to go mom 😬. Thankfully we were prepared with some extra cash (anticipating something would go wrong) and we were in a mall. So I made a mad dash to Gap to grab the boys some shoes. Their Santa pics turned out fantastic too 😜 So plan this time of year! I promise you won’t regret it. And if you love the thrill of not scheduling then add that into your schedule! Seriously- time block a few hours for nothing then you have the freedom to fill it in as you wish.

(Excuse the picture my kids love to carry it around- it’s a picture of a picture, you know how that goes right?! Anyways- so worth the wait to see the best Santa!)

Santa Picture


Embrace the reason for the season
Yes, this time of year is filled with parties, shopping, family events, charity events and so much more. But can we just step back and breathe in the beauty of this season? There is a reason Thanksgiving/Christmas is most people’s favorite time of year. Being surrounded with those you love the most, laughing over old memories together, the joy of giving to others, and most importantly reflecting on the birth of Christ and what that means for our world. It all comes down to perspective. So your mother in law doesn’t make the green bean casserole the same way you grew up with it. Or your family gives gifts totally different than your spouses. A reminder that I have shared before “Anything done in love is a good thing.” Let’s embrace this time together with our family and friends. Let’s give unconditional love and accept it the same way. Let’s vow to do our best not to make it a stressful time but a precious time? A time to remember and rejoice over.

What are ways you deal with the stress of the season?


Thanks for taking a’snippet’ from our world!


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