Our Meals Changed, And How Yours Can Too

Our Meals Changed, And How Yours Can Too


I want to start by saying there is nothing in this for me. I am not being endorsed for this post nor will I make any money from Hello Fresh. I am just truly impressed with their product and customer service. Again, we would NEVER share about something unless we can 100% stand behind it.


So huge shout out to Hello Fresh! Let’s start with a little background.

Cooking…. my arch nemesis. I try. Boy do I try. I come from a line of good cooks so naturally I believed I had it in me. Dreams of big breakfasts, nutritious lunches and well balanced dinners for my husband and children danced around in my head for years. That is until I got married. Sad thing is that my husband also comes from a long line of excellent cooks. He was as clueless as I was to my lack of talent. I could barely boil water. Seriously! Michael even made better RAMEN NOODLES than me! What a sad, sad reality for the both of us. There we would sit in our little one bedroom apartment, meal after meal with forced smiles on our face. I would apologize for how terrible it was. {Major hubby points here} Michael has always eaten what I’ve made with no complaint. None! Seriously, what a stud.

Some people just get that cooking gene and others don’t. 7 years into marriage I finally gave in and accepted help. Man, this sounds like some kind of AA meeting doesn’t it?! Ha. Well here is where Hello Fresh comes into play. I received coupons for months and just threw them away thinking there was no way it would be in my budget. Finally, I decided to just do it. I would do Hello Fresh 3x a week and the other days would be relatively simple meals since thats about all I can do anyways. What a hit! Michael has yet to stop talking about how good dinners are each week. We do the 3 meals a week for 2 people. It is SO affordable and we are finally getting in our greens! Plus, every ingredient you need is included except the olive oil for the pans. So no need to go to the store and buy a big bottle of something when you only need 1 tsp. Isn’t that awesome?! Oh, and clean up is a breeze! You aren’t stuck scrubbing 10 diffferent pots and pans after dinner. Can I get an amen?! The only down side is that I have picky eaters so my kids dont like a lot of the recipes. On Hello Fresh nights I make them something else but we all still sit down together to eat. Being completely transparent, I would do the meals for 4 people and just tell my kiddos ‘you get what you get and you dont throw a fit’ routine but the price goes up significantly and I honestly don’t want to pay double for it to go to waste. Yep, I have the kind of kids that would just say, “Okay, I won’t eat tonight.” Choose your battles right?! As my faithful pediatrician says, your kids wont starve themselves. That’s another topic for another day.

Please take the plunge and try Hello Fresh! You will thank us! And your family will thank us too! Michael’s body language says it all when he sees Hello Fresh on the menu 😂 You can just tell he is excited to come home to a delicious meal and {not as} frazzled wife.

I’ve put pictures of some of the meals below. I occasionally get freebies to share so hop over to the contact us page and shoot me an email. If I have freebies, I will share with you!


Thanks for taking a ‘snippet’ from our world!



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