Oh Hello There Sneaky Crumbs

Oh Hello There Sneaky Crumbs

Crumbs, dust, dried macaroni noodle that’s managed to hang out under the fridge (yes I see you, sorely sticking out just enough for the eye to see but not enough for the broom to get…) It’s never ending. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m so thankful for my three little tornados I mean, kiddos. They are seriously awesome. And I would take dirty floors and counters 7 days of the week just to have those little noses to Eskimo kiss. But I have to tell y’all about a (new to me) gadget Michael introduced me to. You’re going to laugh when you read what it is. You’ll think seriously?! This girl didn’t know about these. But hey, for starters I knew of them! I just didn’t know the why behind it. Anywho…

I never saw a need for a hand vacuum. I owned a broom and my regular vacuum has a suction tube. Why would I need another thing??  But- a handvac, Hoover, sweeper, whatever you call it. You need one

My husband got some splurge money a few months ago and what did he insist on buying? You got it. A HANDVAC! Not shoes, not video games or anything else a guy would typically spend money on, instead he opted for a handvac. {By the way- his intentions in buying it was for cleaning out the car. He LOVES a clean car.} But he stored it in the kitchen. Say its his fault for misplacement or say I am selfish individual but hey, I saw an opportunity and moved on it ☺️ That beloved Dyson ended up being my buddy! A day rarely goes by that it isn’t used.

My kitchen buddy.


Okay, here’s why you’ll fall in love with the Dyson DC34:

  • Suction- its on point. Amazing. Doesn’t leave a thing behind.
  • Lightweight- my 2 1/2 and 4 year old handle it daily. Hey, I give my kids chores too!
  • Super easy to empty the filter. Just one little button.
  • Max option- gives a little ‘oomph’ to the already powerful suction

Because I mentioned all the things I love about the Dyson, let me tell a few of the pitfalls:

  • It doesn’t suck up popcorn! Trust me, we’ve tried numerous times 😝
  • Charge- as with any handvac, the charge isn’t made to last long enough to do your whole house. The website says it will last ~15 minutes with regular power and ~6 minutes at max power. We charge it maybe one a week or every two weeks.

So- mamas and daddy’s, do you feel like its your kids life ambition to make the largest mess possible while eating?! Pet parents, is your fur baby instistent on trailing dog food everywhere? Bakers and cooks, are you tired of always using a dishcloth to wipe crumbs into the sink? Car enthusists, does your heart skip a beat when you see dirt on your floor mat? Then go getcha a DYSON! If we had mice, they don’t stand a chance. No more crumbs in this house. Go ahead, spoil yourself! 👆 You’ll thank us later. Don’t be like me and wait until your late twenties to find the glory in a handvac. Guess I was way out of touch! Oh, and you may even find yourself walking around your house with it just looking for something to suck up. No? Maybe thats just me 😜

Tripp helped with dinner tonight. He was in charge of the rice 🙂 Memories in the making!


Thanks for taking a ‘snippet’ from our world!



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