Hello World!

Hello World!

Hello there world! Can’t wait to get to know you! There’s not much beating around the bush here. Hence the site name ‘snippets of stewarts’

Want to get to know our crew? Well we are now a family of 5! It’s still weird to say but it feels so right, so good and so complete. Michael is a self proclaimed IT nerd. And he is one gifted man if you ask me. He has a wonderful job where he loves serving people by helping them with all things tech related. He seriously loves what he does and that’s super rare to find! I, Brittany, am a SAHM. It’s all I ever wanted to do. Well no, actually. I once wanted to be an OBGYN. Then I saw how much school I’d have to complete. No thanks. Then I wanted to be a teacher. I started my degree in education but changed to psychology. Do I regret it? Yes and no. Yes, because I can’t do a single thing with my degree unless I do more school. So all I do with my degree now is pay loans on it and try to read people All. The. Time. 😬 but no I don’t regret it because during my time of study there was a lot of self healing. I truly enjoy the field of psychology and it’s come in hand being a mama. Which may I add, being a mom is truly all I ever wanted. It’s tough work and a job I NEVER leave – you other mamas know that. But you also know how we wouldn’t change it. How it’s the best job, hobby, responsibility, whatever you call it, you could do. Don’t our kids make life so fun??

Anyways- Michael and I were married in 2010. We were college sweethearts. We went on to have Nixon in 2013, Tripp in 2015 and Stella joined us in 2017. It’s been a whirlwind but an absolute blast! We’ve built a lovely home in a small Dallas suburb and we are connecting to our new community. We also have an AWESOME church (shout out to The Avenue Church!) Both Michael and I come from broken homes. Aka- divorced parents. It’s been the hardest reality for us both through childhood and adulthood. But you know what? Neither of us would change it for anything. It has made us who we are, given us passions that we never thought we would have (such as seeing marriages and families redeemed and lived for Christ!) and it’s helped us as we pave the road with our own little growing family.

So yeah. That’s us in a nutshell.

What sets us apart? Well bloggers are typically known for writing. And lots of it. Though we do enjoy that aspect of blogging both M and I are pretty ‘to the point’ people. We shoot straight with gentleness and love, well we try real hard on the gentleness part 😝. So our blog will feature ‘snippets’ of encouragement, travel tips and things that we love. We will NEVER post about something we aren’t passionate about. 🙅🏼

Oh and we love Jesus. We’ve been advised that writing about our faith can turn readers and brands away. We surely hope that doesn’t happen but it’s a risk we are willing to take. You know when you love something or someone so much that you simply can’t shut up about it/them?? Well that’s how we feel about Jesus! After all Luke 6:45 talks about what the mouth speaks is what the heart is full of.

Why are we blogging? The Lord has continually laid on our {young} hearts a burden for marriages and families. Over and over these topics come up in our conversations. We are young and definitely don’t know much about marriage or parenting but what little we do know we don’t want to be selfish with. We want to share knowledge! What works for us or encourages us may not do the same for you but we still want to put it out there. So yeah that post about living selflessly– that came from my personal quiet time and a lesson the Lord brought back to my attention. And the post about the Dyson. Yep- meant every word. It’s seriously my buddy these days. All of that to say- you can trust us. We are transparent, honest and real people. Sometimes we may be too vulnerable or too genuine but it all comes from pure intentions. Promise.

We already have so much love for the direction this blog is going and will continue to go. Shoot us an email {on the contact us page} or comment and let us know a little about you! We will personally take the time to read every word! YOU are important to us!

Thanks for taking a snippet from our world!

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