Why this vacation is the best bang for your buck

Why this vacation is the best bang for your buck


It’s that time of year again! Everyone is settling into the fall routine with school, work and sports. But I imagine someone itching for a getaway. Or is that just me?! An escape from the day to day grinds. If your family is anything like ours, you need a change of scenery but on a budget. Of course you could always plan a trip to Hawaii, Mexico or the beach, but then you have to factor in meals, transportation, activities and  child care if you want an evening with just your spouse. There are so many other ‘incidentals’ to plan for too. Did anyone else just hear CHA-CHING on repeat??

Well with this kind of vacation you get IT ALL in one. {Unless you like your alcohol, then it could get pricey. But hey! You could always purchase an adult beverage package 😉}

Have you guessed what vacation it is yet? If you guessed a Royal Caribbean cruise then you guessed absolutely right! When you choose to go on a Royal Caribbean cruise you are choosing to vacation in luxury and style all while staying within your budget. You are also choosing a vacation that will suite everyone in the family. There is something for all age groups, especially on the Allure of the Seas.

We have been on a cruise as young newlyweds with family that is 60+ years old and we all ended up having a blast! Michael basically grew up on cruise ships. That was his family’s favorite way to vacation. He raves about how much fun he had on cruises as a kid and still has on them 30 years later. I love that crusies are so incredibly accommodating for all different personalities. I’m more of an introvert so my initial thought on cruising was something along the lines of, “why would I want to be stuck on a boat full of people all week?!” The first day I was a little overwhelmed but after that it’s like everyone found their area and it didn’t at all feel crowded or shoulder to shoulder! I love that you can choose go go go the whole time or you can completely unplug and relax.

We stumbled upon the infamous belly flop contest and it was hilarious! Speaking of hilarious they had great comedy shows, late night karaoke, which is always guaranteed to give a laugh and a super fun ‘newlywed’ game where this elderly couple (think mid 80’s) from the audience kept referring to making ‘whoopie?!’ 😂😂 There was no shortage of laughs during this trip!

When we would start feeling a little competitive, Michael and I would venture to the flow rider, where I have to admit Michael dominated! Must be his skating background… There was also zip line that went across the entire ship. No way this girl was getting on that! I’m sure it was great though.. ya know, if you like dangling stories above people! 😳 The Allure of the Seas had a mini golf course and a rock climbing wall! There was also basketball, ping pong, shuffleboard, ice skating (yes ICE SKATING on a cruise ship! Who would have thought?!) and so many other sports and games. I can’t forget to mention the indoor gym and running track. I by no means enjoy running but this track and the view made it enjoyable! Also- can we just appreciate the motivation?! So if you have even an ounce of competitivness or enjoy being active then this is the ship for you!


If sports isn’t really your thing, then trust me you’ll find something aboard the Allure that is! There is an amazing spa, the Vitality spa, to spend the day (or entire week!) being pampered at. You can slip away to the adult only section with peaceful pools and hot tubs and areas to simply lounge in the peace and quiet. Speaking of being away from kids, if you’re looking for some kid free fun don’t forget to go to the ship casino! Just remember cash out while you’re ahead. Pretty sure that’s a gamblers rule of thumb 😜

If you watched our 10 random facts about us video, then you know we took full advantage of the onboard shopping, because yeah- we like to shop! We also enjoyed sitting in the library/card room and watching the floating bar. Seriously! People enjoyed drinks while slowly being raised to the top of the ship. It was actually fun to just walk around and take everything in. Did I mention the Dreamworks experience? I cannot wait it take our kids back so they can see it with their own eyes! All of the Madagascar characters, Shrek characters and more walked around to add smiles to the passengers day.



I could go on all day about why you need to go on the Allure of the Seas but that would defeat the purpose of ‘Snippets of Stewarts” 😊 So trust me, book your cruise. Enjoy every aspect of this amazing ship. And don’t forget to enjoy your ports! Book shore excursions and makes memories!! Until you get your cruise fix, I will leave you with a few relaxing images!

Thanks for taking a  ‘snippet’ from our world!




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