The best gift to give this Christmas

The best gift to give this Christmas
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What is the best present you have received at Christmas? I can think of many gifts given and recieved through the years that have put a big smile on my face. Like the year we gave our kids a train table and they were literally speechless. That was adorable, though for a second we were thinking they didn’t like it! However, they still play with it to this day. So you tell me, what is the best gift to give this Christmas?

Let me start by saying we have 3 kiddos. Christmas can get out of hand quick. I usually start shopping around September/October and when Christmas Eve comes we realize that Santa made a hefty stop yet again to our household. When we had our first born we went by the 3 rule: need, want, read. It was great and all but this mama just couldn’t do it. I mean, the years of Santa coming to our house will be so short and until our kids become “Santa” themselves, we will fully embrace the MAGIC of Christmas.

Have you ever looked around on Christmas morning and noticed all the toys and presents just sitting there. Kiddos seem to be overwhelmed with all things new, therefore most of it goes unnoticed and unplayed with. What can we do to remedy this? I have an idea..though it doesn’t seem very popular, I am still going to share it with ya!

The rememdy to an ungrateful, overwhelmed and overstimulated Christmas morning is to lay off the excessive PRESENTS and give the gift of PRESENCE.

Yeah… kind of cheesy, ya know, the whole play on words thing but hey it works!

Each year we ask family for memory gifts instead of actual presents. It never works but thats okay, it allows us the opportunity to gift that memory to our kids instead. This year for Christmas I am sure they will get it all from family. Aren’t grandparents awesome?! Believe it or not, we are thankful not to spend our money on the latest toy. So instead of Michael and I contributing to the toy room we decided the best gift to give this Christmas will be a family trip. Of course SANTA will still come but a trip with mom and dad will store up memories in their hearts for way longer than that drum set my 4 year old keeps begging for. Well, at least I hope it does!

I think quality time goes a long way in the hearts of our children. Would you say its the same for you? I am much more likely to remember a special night away with my husband than those shoes he surprised me with last summer. But maybe that is just because my love language is quality time. 🙂

Have you ever heard the phrase about spending double the time and half the money on your kids? We try to implement that with our crew and so far it seems to mean the world to them when we make it a priority to intentionally spend time with our kiddos.

Here are a few ideas for ways to gift PRESENCE instead of PRESENTS:

-zoo membership
-museum membership
-any kind of membership to a kid friendly place
-a trip to the nail salon with your daughter
-a day on the golf course with your son
-a trip to Great Wolf Lodge, or others like it
-a family vacation such as a cruise or camping
-‘date’ coupons for ice cream, picnic in the park,
-honestly, anything you think your CHILD will enjoy doing with you 🙂

There you have it. No more long hours struggling over which hot toy to buy. Above is the secret to the best gift to give this Christmas! Happy giving!

What are your thoughts on giving these kinds of presents over actual “gifts”?

Thanks for taking a ‘snippet’ from our world!



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