How to take family photos without losing your mind

How to take family photos without losing your mind

A few months ago we had family photos. We are terrible at doing this on a regular basis! In fact, the last time we had family pictures taken Tripp was 4 or 5 months old. Now he is almost 3. Told you we are terrible! Someone please tell me we aren’t the only family that has a hard time consistently taking family photos?

Some may know but both M and I are pretty type A personalities. We thrive in structure, consistency, and controlled environments. (Man, when you say it that way we sound SO BORING! 😂) Anyways, photographers know that the best pics are taken morning or evening. Coincidently, neither of those are the best for my crew. I always get so nervous that the pictures will be a complete fail. Screaming kids, or worse- the frozen, uncooperative kid. Fake smiles on mom and dad because quite frankly we could scream ourselves. See? Told you we don’t do so hot in chaos.

I don’t know much but here are 3 tips we implement the day of family photos to help everyone involved not to lose their minds.

1) Have rested kids. Would you want to pose in front of a camera after a non-stop day of errands, activities, and events? No! You would probably want to be at home with your feet up in order to unwind. So make sure you are taking rested kids, not loaded weapons 😜 I am a firm believer that attitude has a direct correlation with rest. A rested kid is a happy kid!

Family photo laughing

2) Don’t rise above bribery! Yeah… not the best PARENTING advice but one of the best pieces of advice for pictures! I stuff my purse with candy and/or fruit snacks. Michael and I each keep a couple in our pockets too! I won’t lie, I practically beg my kids to smile for the camera. I am sure photographers think we make terrible parents, but I promise we don’t use bribery all day every day. Just for family pics that will be hung in the house. 😬

Mesmerized kids

3) Relax. I will never forget the photographer that looked at me once when I was starting to stress that the kids weren’t cooperating. She was so sweet and just reminded me that these are the moments I will want to have captured forever. The silly smile, the back of my kid because they are running from the camera, their look as they pick dandelions from the field that is supposed to be the backdrop. She was right too… I still have some of those pictures framed.

Crazy family photo

Now my boys are a little older and just a TAD more willing to participate (for bribery of course!) and having an amazing photographer at hand is a huge plus. We had the privilege of working with Ryan Crisman for our latest session. Do yourself a favor and before you book your next session, check out his fantastic work here 👉 http://ryanbcrisman.com

Share your tips and tricks with me! What works for your crew when its family photo time?

Thanks for taking a snippet from our life!

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