Medieval Times & Family Time

Medieval Times & Family Time

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘Spend half the money and double the time with your kids.’? After being advised by many parents to go that route, we have decided that its a mantra to try to implement in our household. I will be honest though, it isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s easier to put our kids in an activity or keep them busy at home and just be there with them but not really be WITH them. Does that make any sense?!

We had the privilege of being invited to Medieval Times for an evening of family fun. Our tickets were paid for by them but our experience was all our own! We were given an opportunity to BE with our kids and enjoy an experience together. No distractions. (except crazy mom trying to capture these memories 😉) Just pure family fun. At Medieval Times there is a new QUEEN in reign, yes you read that right! A queen now reigns and she is perfect for the job! She reigns with such elegance and beauty. (Can us ladies just appreciate her manicure, too?! So pretty.)

Long live the queen

We had the honor of experiencing a VIP night at the castle. We were admitted early, which allowed for us to meet the queen and meet Javier, the horse trainer. My boys loved seeing the horses up close and personal. We also heard some neat insider information about the horses. Did you know there is a waiting list for people that want the horses when they retire? They are not allowed to be worked once they leave the show, they simply get to live out the rest of live in a true horsey retirement. Pretty neat huh?!

Horse retirement

We had taken the boys to Medieval Times a few years ago. My oldest was mesmerized but didn’t truly know what was going on. My middle child was the youngest at that point and he just kind of hung out. He was only around 1. They were just young enough to be there. This time is was a completely different experience. The boys are now 4 1/2 and almost 3. Our little girl (8 months old) sat this event out as we felt we could truly be present with the boys if she wasn’t there this time. Let me tell you- it was a party!!

We had a blast. The time just being in their world of knights, sword fights, eating with no silverware or napkin in lap (every boys dream) and all things boys was so simple, yet satisfying. Now don’t get me wrong- I think little girls would enjoy the show too! They have sweet little princess crowns and rupeunzel type hats. I’m still new at this girl thing so have mercy on me, I don’t know what they are called. The boys had fun showing me which crown they would give sissy. It’s sweet to see how they include her even when she isn’t with us. They sure love that little girl.

Princess crown

My oldest typically needs a little pre-game pep talk before going into loud, dark/bright events. We had chosen to keep it a surprise so he took the first hour or so to adjust to what was going on. After that, he was literally standing in his chair cheering on the yellow knight. He was waving his flag back and forth and yelling GET HIM!!!!! I think his testosterone started pumping strong or something. Michael and I just made eye contact and smiled. We didn’t recognize that crazy kid! 😂


The show was great for kids but us adults enjoyed it as well. It was long- 2 full hours, but it was packed with so much energy and excitement that we failed to notice the time. The food was wonderful as well. Let’s be honest, when you are paying for dinner and a show sometimes you get jipped on one of them. That was not the case here! The portions were more than enough and it was delicious! I ordered a vegetarian meal and it was equally as delicious. The wait staff are all so talented too. They got the food out and somehow balanced it all like a champ. I kept asking our waitress how she did it. I’m sure she thought I was real cool. 😁

If you haven’t had a chance to see this show, it needs to go on your to do list like now. They have 9 locations including one in Canada! Until then, I’ll leave you with a few pictures to hold you over until you get your tickets!

Thank you Medieval Times for hosting our family and giving us a night to simply be together as a family to laugh, cheer and simply have fun!

Thanks for taking a ‘snippet’ from our world!

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