Welcome to the little snippets of our life! We try to live life to the fullest and hope to encourage you along the way. Michael and I were married in June of 2010. Marriage has been a blast! It’s work, but it is SO. MUCH. FUN! Want to know what ranks up there with the joy of marriage? Kiddos. Yep, I said it. Our kids keep us on our toes! Nixon was born in 2013, Tripp in 2015 and Stella in 2017! And yes, my OCD self planned for all to be born in odd years 😬 When I’m old and my face is covered in wrinkles I will happily blame it on all the smiles my kids caused me. Lets be real though…they’ve caused their fair share of scouls as well 🙂

Snippets of Stewarts was born from a passion of encouragement. Some of the topics we will touch on are marriage, kids, travel, technology and whatever else wonders into these minds of ours. Our kiddos may even jump on here some time to give you a peek from their perspective! 😜

  • Marriages today are ending at an all time high and we want to challenge you to remember that your sacred vows are WORTH fighting for!
  • Kids…while they are an absolute blast, at times they can be tough. We want to encourage our readers to remember that these little souls are on loan to us and it is our job to shepard their hearts, minds, body’s and spirits.
  • Travel- its been said, travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Boy is this true! We look forward to showing our kids the world. It’s an education within itself! We can’t wait to share our adventures, big and small, with you!
  • Technology is my {amazingly good looking} husbands thing. He works in I.T. and has a true passion for it. We will use this blog to share with you the different peices of technology our family uses and how you could use it too!
  • We will also share products and services that we love and have proven to make our lives better and maybe even easier!

This journey of marriage, child raising and learning how to grow as a family has and will continue to carve our heart to be more like Christ. We are thrilled to have you along to take little snippets from our world!


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